Welcome to the Shintaido Australia website

Shintaido has been taught in Australia since 1983 under Vera Costello (& Alexandra Pope) and later Michael De-Campo, qualified instructors under the International Shintaido system. We are currently (2019) reconsidering our options for affiliation.

Shintaido Australia has been affilitated with NPO (Not-for-Profit Organisation) Shintaido Japan, and then Shintaido America, as well as the previous International Shintaido College.

Since 2016, a group of Shintaido (mainly French) instructors decided to cut ties with NPO Shintaido Japan as well as the Shintaido founder Hiroyuki Aoki. This move has split the Shintaido international movement and caused us (Vera and Michael) to re-think our affiliations.

We do not support the current International Shintaido Project which replaced the original 30+ year International Shintaido organisation (formerly ISF & ISC). There was a splinter group (a small handful) of the highest ranking and longest serving instructors in Europe, who strategically fabricated gossip and spread mis-information about the founder Hiroyuki Aoki and a number of other key organisational members (International Technical Committee) and officials (ISC Board), in order to influence the demise of 30+ years of hard earned and authentic international goodwill.

So, watch this page, we will keep it updated as we decide!

Shintaido 'New Body-Mind Way' Calligraphy by Hiroyuki Aoki